At Karr Bick, we’ve been lucky enough to have clients who’ve braved into our exclusive color package. Adding color to a space is one of our favorite ways to take things to the next level, so we’re always eager when someone leans into this adventure. Let’s not forget that the advantages of color are abundant!

Like any journey, a color quest is always easier with a map. Luckily for you, we happen to have that map handy! In order to help guide you on your color journey, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite vendors to bring you an exclusive package. This bundle has helped our clients expand their color palette, and the spaces that have come out of it are nothing short of stunning!

To begin their color journey, a local family worked with Designer Rebekah. After fully understanding the family’s personality and their vision of the spaces, they embarked on tackling them in a colorful way. Since the project involved three different bathrooms, the clients and Rebekah agreed to experiment in different ways. Whether it was the tile or cabinet color, each bathroom resulted in a stunning space.

Now that the projects are close to being completed, the family couldn’t be more pleased with their #NothingOrdinary spaces. Each bathroom gives off a different look, so that everyone’s personality feels tailored to. Regardless of size, the bathrooms are full of design character punch!

Naturally, the needs of every client are different. The designers at Karr Bick recognize this and understand how to meet clients at where they are in their adventure. For another client, Owner Jenny was asked to help create a laundry room that was fun and playful. Now, this space makes laundry a joyful activity versus a tedious chore.

If cheerful wallpaper doesn’t speak to you, remind yourself that a more subtle approach can still speak volumes. On a recent project, Designer Wendy added a hint of pink in a very precise way. Instead of how you might traditionally think of color, Wendy used the undertones of a color to her advantage. With notes of pink, the cabinetry color creates depth in the kitchen while also lightening the space up.

Whether your color destination results in lively wallpaper, colored cabinets, or rich tiling, Karr Bick has the best map for your journey. Check out our portfolio and our virtual showroom to get ideas flowing.

These spaces are still embarking on their adventure, so stay tuned to see the end result of these journeys!

To learn more, check out the package information page.