Historic Gem Home Renovation

Step into a world of color and texture with our latest project! Our clients shared our love for vibrant hues and intricate wallpapers, and it was a delight to bring their vision to life during this extensive home remodel. Every room in this project radiates whimsy and depth, thanks to our meticulous selection of captivating colors and stunning wallpapers.

This undertaking seamlessly merged the realms of kitchen and bathroom design, interior design, and construction, exemplifying our team’s precision and synergy. At Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath, we take immense pride in turning our clients’ dreams into reality. We are confident that they will treasure their newly transformed space for years to come, making this project a cherished highlight for our entire team. Join us on this journey of creativity and craftsmanship – you won’t want to miss it!

Classy Kitchen Renovation

To help bring their dream kitchen and butlers pantry to life, this family teamed with Karr Bick. The end result is two spaces that speak to the client’s personality and instantly put a smile on their face.

To check out more of this space, head over to our portfolio.

Elegant Traditional Home Makeover

This kitchen gives a feeling of refinement and elegance. It’s timeless black and white design with accents of gold will never go out of style. The client wanted it to be a space that felt comfortable having coffee with their daughters but could also work to entertain their friends and family in style.

Check out our portfolio for more on this space.

Stunning Transitional Cozy Home Renovation | Before and After House Tour

Originally, this space had a dark Tuscan style that was intense and in your face. Every single detail contributed to the exaggerated theme. After living with the various shades of browns that inhibited the home for too many years, the clients knew it was time for a change. To contrast what was once an overwhelming room, the client’s goal was to create a retreat that allowed the mind to rest. The shift from the dark Tuscan feel to white Transitional made for the perfect opportunity to achieve the desired tone.

Yellowstone Inspired Bedroom Makeover

Every single element in this room is a #NothingOrdinary detail. With a deep love of all things Yellowstone, Owner Jenny knew that she wanted this room in her house to highlight that part of her.

Yellowstone Inspired Trailer

Here’s a sneak peek at a video to come highlighting Owner Jenny’s Yellowstone room.

Chef’s Kitchen Dream- Before & After

If you’re the ultimate food lover and chef, your kitchen is your happy place. When a local chef’s kitchen didn’t function and feel how they wanted, the homeowners knew it was time for a change.

Magical Master Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom has so many #NothingOrdinary details. To start, the wallpapered ceiling is magical. The print is effortlessly graceful and feels inspired by Grace Kelly. The double vanity features a beautiful blue color and marble countertop. The vanity also has plenty of storage to help keep things neat and tidy. The shower is spacious and has a built in bench making the bathroom feel even more luxurious. Tiling details are seen throughout the shower and floor to provide more visual interest. Details such as the brass sconce on the vanity wall, tiling, and wallpapered ceiling make the space tailored to the homeowners master bath dreams.

Cute & Colorful Attic Bathroom Makeover

Everything about this space is cheerful and makes you want to smile instantly. Designed for a wonderfully creative teenage girl, the bathroom speaks of her personality.

Bright and Happy Kitchen Remodel – Before & After

When you first look at this kitchen, it reminds you of a banquet of flowers. Everything about it feels comfortable, effortless, relaxing, and fresh. The light green cabinetry is not only gorgeous, but it draws a connection to the scenery seen right out the windows. The geometric tiling adds a playful touch. Cabinetry surrounds the space for optimal storage and organization. The range hood, which stays true to the color scheme, brings a sense of sophistication. The island is perfectly prepositioned for the kitchen, while also providing more countertop and gathering space.