Winsome Wherever Spaces

With seemingly more and more to accomplish each day, we can’t afford for any room of our house to not function properly. From mudrooms that organize to family rooms that warmly beckon, remodeling is easier than you think.

Places that require thoughtful space planning, a pencil in hand, and some graph paper are what we call "Wherever Spaces."  

At Karr Bick we believe the talents of a kitchen and bath designer should not be left in the box that defines them.  We have the skills to masterfully think through the function of any room in the home.   Karr Bick's eyes and minds love to wander through your spaces, making sure every inch is utilized to its fullest potential.  

We make laundry rooms functional and beautiful.  We make office spaces peaceful and productive. Your mudroom, of course, needs to be the active, busy hub of the house where everything has its place.  We know how deep your shelves should be in your library and how high that doggy bath floor should be for your pup.  One cannot forget the bar or wine room - our specialty!  If there are closets that need to be maximized or fishing rooms that need proper gear storage, let the designers at Karr Bick help you think through every detail from inspiration through installation.  


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