Karr Bick residential construction

Karr Bick, as a true design and build company, offers full house renovations, new construction, room additions, more kitchen, bath, and wherever spaces, seamless collaboration, and a true #NothingOrdinary experience. We work in step to ensure smooth communication and reduce wasted time and money.

  • Remodel
  • New construction
  • Custom Homes

Your project is built by craftsmen

They are artisans with distinctive, technical, and tireless skills.

You deserve craftsmen who are:

  • Reserved, imaginative, and have a high level of technical expertise.
  • Accommodating and analytical while producing highly precise and accurate work.
  • A detail-oriented individual who follows a proven plan to avoid making mistakes

And that’s the only kind we hire at Karr Bick. The craftsmen on your job are there from start to finish. They work four 10-hour days. You get a team that is more efficient with set up, work, and clean up. And on Fridays, you get a break on from all the construction bustle and noise.

Your project benefits by being designed & built by one team

  • Your designer is integrally involved during construction.
  • You avoid headaches, delays, and excuses.
  • When something goes wrong, you have one place to call.
Construction worker installs beautiful blue and white wallpaper

Your project has Friday updates

It’s important that you always know what’s going on with your project.

Every week the designer, purchaser, bookkeeper, project manager and the owners meet to discuss your project. “This is what we did” and “This is what’s on the docket for next week” are discussed and documented. This communication rhythm helps move your project as fast as we can while keeping our eyes on what needs to be fixed, changed, or made better.

Your project has honest communication.

Besides promising you a #NothingOrdinary experience, we want to tell you the truth. Most likely, there will be something unforeseen that happens during your project or something will go wrong. Don’t worry. When it does, you have the best team in place to work it out to your benefit. Check out this video for the honest truth and a good laugh.

Meet Your Construction Team

kitchen bath remodel installation

Todd Rausch

Owner, Project Manager, Master Craftsman

Aaron Poe

Project Manager

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