Insights from the Karr Bick Team

At Karr Bick TV we bring you along for the ride as we share the behind-the-scenes look at the projects, insiders view of the before and afters and project reveals. We educate, inspire and celebrate through these video stories. Enjoy!


What to Expect

Whether you want to learn the best ways to survive a home remodel project or tips to get the most from your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever space renovation, this video series is for you.


Before + after

Who doesn't like to see where a space started and where it ended up? Enjoy this special look at key projects that moved from basic to #NothingOrdinary.


Holiday Decorating

Tune into these home decor ideas to give your home extra awe and wonder during the holiday seasons. From Halloween fun to holiday lights, get inspired with this video series.

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