Meet Wendy Kuhn

When I walk into the spaces she’s designed, they inspire me. I am always learning something from her.  She pushes me to be better. To see things differently. She is gentle and curious. You can see it in her soul that she wants the best for her customers. No one pays attention better than she does. It shows up in all the meaningful details that fill the spaces she designs. Knowing how to put others first is her default. People are not always kind. I have witnessed her remain kind when kindness was not present. There is nothing in this industry she cannot figure out. When you’re in a space she’s designed, you don’t want to leave.  It’s so personal, beautiful and comforting. I don’t believe you can find a better person to design your space. She’s really been a Senior Designer for years. It was about time we gave her the title!

- Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick

Meet Rebekah Murphy

What can you say about a person who can do just about anything? Rebekah quietly and quite unassumingly accomplishes things that you have to pay attention as not to miss. She will work hard and long and then her work will just be there and calmly exist. She doesn't say, "Hey, look what I did!" She is a cellist, reading specialist, accomplished cook, very sharp dresser and talented designer. I know we have yet to see all the places she applies her creativity and talents. She is kind and sees the very best in everyone she meets. The only person I have watched her be hard on or unkind to is herself. Isn't that so relatable? Don't we all have that inner voice that is always trying to stop us from the life that exists just beyond our comfort zone? In spite of the voice, Rebekah marches on with squared shoulders. I say that is the very definition of courage. 

- Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick

Meet Jenny Rausch

Jenny thinks you know enough about her and if you don’t it’s pretty easy to figure her out.  Her videos and TV shows speak for her skills as a designer. Her people are who she wants you to get to know.  Jenny is most proud of her three beautiful, loving and forgiving children.  Their hugs and snuggles are what she’s decided life is about.  She has loved Wonder Woman since she first wore the underoos at age 5 and if cornered would say her greatest superpower is her intuition.  She wants her kids to remember always, that life begins at the edge of their comfort zone, and they need to use their super powers for good.

Meet Janelle Helms

Many of my designers have at one time or another been leaders in learning. Being a past educator, Janelle has a seemingly endless supply of patience and an appetite for acquiring knowledge. She is an attentive listener and capable of shouldering a tremendous workload that is inherent in both her past profession and current one! When you meet her, you realize all her kindness and likeability probably suited her as a preschool teacher but makes her an even better client-focused designer. She has a passion for homes and the spaces that dwell within. Being married to a craftsman working in the same field makes it oddly convenient to get answers to tough construction questions at the dinner table. Her strength is in her relentless need to get it right for you. The long list of above mentioned talents are the tools she uses to get it done!

- Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick

Meet Todd Rausch

Todd is a Craftsman. He is also Project Manager, VP of Operations, and business owner, husband to me and dad to our 3 kids. He quietly studies the world around, absorbing its lines and textures until a spark strikes. His power to build something of architectural significance and beauty, without a set of plans, with nothing but an image in his mind, inspires awe in me. What is second nature to Todd, easier than breathing (that is true he has a deviated septum;-), is what has always made our homes truly #nothingordinary. If you want to fully understand the depth of this skill, take a visit to Grant’s Farm. While you meander through the Barnhoff and enjoy all of its splendor, take a look up at the copula that sits proudly on top. Todd had for years admired it. So much so that one day he took a few pictures and decided to replicate it. Armed with nothing but his love of the structure and a few very long distance iPhone shots, he managed to construct an almost exact twin for our garage (which now has to become a barn, mind you). The man has internal computation and three-dimensional thinking skills that fuel his problem-solving muscle and bring tremendous strength to our team.

- Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick

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