Team member Ashley Obradovits on the job.

Design Team Lead - Interiors

Ashley, daughter of the late accomplished local designer, Sonja Willman (Summer House), hopes to carry on her mother’s legacy with her own touch. “I like to take an outside-the-box approach with my clients. Mixing old and new to create a space that is truly unique and personal. Getting to know my clients and helping them discover their own personal design aesthetic is very rewarding,” she says. “My mother’s design mantra was to think of the logical thing, then do the opposite. To take something out of the trash and display it with fine China. I have always followed her lead in creating spaces that are as welcoming as they are unique.”

Prior to joining Karr Bick, Ashley studied Architectural Design at Mount Holyoke College and spent a decade in the luxury retail market in St. Louis. At Nordstrom, she was the Customer Relationship and Personal Styling Manager. Most recently, Ashley was the Area Marketing Manager for Saks Fifth Avenue.