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Why You Need a Plan Review….Even if you think you’ve “got this”
June 22, 2017 by Jill Moore In Creation, Remodel 0 Comments

My husband and I had just purchased a vacation cottage in an idyllic community near Grafton, IL.  To say we got swept away and bought the place on a whim is an...

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A Father’s Day Tribute: Duct Tape or Joint Cement Bucket?

Some Dads can fix a leaky sink and fashion space suits out of duct tape.  Others cure acne and lube a car motor with Windex.   My Dad, however, has 180 uses for the...

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What’s Your Superpower?

We have a confession to make. The new Wonder Woman movie is hitting theaters this week and, here at Karr Bick, we’re kind of geeking out. Our fearless leader, Jenny...

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#MyHouzz St.Louis Episode Unveiled

We are delighted to be a part of this episode of MyHouzz with Jenna Fischer My Houzz: Watch Jenna Fischer Secretly Renovate Her Sister’s Home

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Nothing Ordinary Adam

Adam is our Wendy's husband. They have two very tall almost adult boys and love to listen to live music and camp. He is also affectionately known as “our granite...

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Nothing Ordinary Jill

Jill is a 45-year old married teacher. She would tell you she has two bonus children and a dog through her marriage to Chuck.Jill was my original inspiration...

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Nothing Ordinary Becky

Becky has been married to Steve for 25 years and has three amazing boys (really really really amazing!): Andy (24), JD (21) and Luke (19). They own and operate a...

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Nothing Ordinary Tom

Tom is a 35-year-old divorced dad of 2 little Cubs’ fans and a very proud & active uncle to two nieces and a nephew. He also owns and operates 2 technology...

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Kitchen Remodel Process Timeline

Remodeling your home is exciting, but can also feel daunting. You might need help answering questions like: Where to start? When to visit a showroom? When to engage...

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Your Renovation Possibly Saved My Family’s Lives!

Here's a story about a pesky upgrade that nobody wants to spend money on but it does save lives! We recently were involved in a remodel in St. Louis County and as in...

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The Karr Bick Story

Our mission is to create customer-inspired spaces that no one wants to leave. We design for people not awards. Our team, showroom, product selection, process, and...

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