kitchen bath designer st louis

Senior Kitchen & Bath Designer

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When I walk into the spaces she’s designed, they inspire me. I am always learning something from her. She pushes me to be better. To see things differently. She is gentle and curious. You can see it in her soul that she wants the best for her customers. No one pays attention better than she does. It shows up in all the meaningful details that fill the spaces she designs. Knowing how to put others first is her default. People are not always kind. I have witnessed her remain kind when kindness was not present. There is nothing in this industry she cannot figure out. When you’re in a space she’s designed, you don’t want to leave. It’s so personal, beautiful and comforting. I don’t believe you can find a better person to design your space. She’s really been a Senior Designer for years. It was about time we gave her the title!

– Jenny Rausch, Owner of Karr Bick