A Designer’s Historic Home

A Designer’s Historic Home

 A Historic home remodel with a growing family in mind…

This historic home is the ultimate renovation. With beautifully designed spaces everywhere you turn, it’s hard for your eye to settle on just one detail. The open kitchen is perfect for gatherings and masterpieces that the kids wipe up. Details such as the distressed cabinetry, the ripple design wrapped around the island, and the hanging chandelier make the space #NothingOrdinary. Staying true to the history of the home, you can find many different elements that ring true to the home’s story. The dark wood found throughout the home reflects the character and ageless beauty of the space. Antique pieces featured around every corner of the house are not only beautifully displayed, but they aid in highlighting the design details. The entryway, which is the ultimate testament to the incredible craftsmen work at Karr Bick, welcomes visitors with a breathtaking view. In contrast to several other parts of the home, the pastel bedrooms are perfect for any kid. This home is anything but ordinary.

Beautifully designed by Owners Jenny and Todd.

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