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In the early stages of considering a remodel, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, and lost on where to start. With so many opinions floating around, it can seem hard to find the starting spot. Maybe you even begin to ask your fairy godmother for a magical list that would show you step-by-step of what to do and expect? Lucky for you, the Karr Bick fairy heard your pleas and has come to make your life that much easier! Below, you’ll find the start to finish of a remodel.

Start gathering ideas for what you want to see reflected within your own space. Are you looking to add a fresh new color, marble countertops, fun wallpaper, or all of the above? Also think about how you want the space to make you feel. Remember, we all naturally have an inner voice. Quiet down, so you can listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Oh, and don’t forget to go with your gut! Inspiration can come from all directions.

The following are some quick links to get your creative juice flowing:

Shape Your Ideas
Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s important to solidify things. Enlisting the help of a designer will put your mind at ease and help save time. At this point, the designer will help put your dream into a practical plan.

To be specific, this part of your journey will include the following steps:

  • A Project Consultation
  • A Design Consultation
  • Hire Karr Bick
  • Discuss Budget Considerations
  • You Approve the Floor Plan Design
  • Build Out Evaluations

Color Your Vision
This is where your best decision making skills come into play! You’ll be making all your final selections, which will give you a much firmer idea of the cost of the project. By working with a designer, you have a clearer plan as to your dream design. Since you already have that idea, this step will be focusing on more of your specific options. Harness your superpower and commit to never being a flat squirrel!

The phases this step will bring include:

  • Material Selection
  • Quotes
  • Finalizing

Purchase and Prep
At this point, you’re focusing on finalizing all of your decisions. Once things are finalized, it’ll cost money to go back and change. Be sure that you’re listening to your gut at this point for smoother sails. You’ll also be working to prep your space for the new remodel. Take time to think about different ways you can accommodate your daily activities, while your space is undergoing its transformation.

These are the steps you’ll encounter on this part of your adventure:

  • Purchase
  • Prep

This is where some of the real fun happens! There are several different phases to this process, but you get the same beautiful results in the end. You’ll get to see your space transformed into the masterpiece that you and the Karr Bick created. Along the way, you’ll be accompanied by our wonderful Construction team!

Piece of this step may include:

  • Demolition
  • Painting
  • Floor install
  • Cabinet install
  • Hardware install
  • Finishing touches
  • And much more!

Live in Your Space

Take a deep breath and rejoice in your new space! Throw a party to enjoy with friends and family, take a bath, or celebrate over a home cooked meal. However you want to celebrate this space, do it!

If you want more information, we have a designated part of our site to help you take a closer look at the Karr Bick process.

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