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Fall: The season of pumpkins, apple picking, scarecrows, and colorful trees. With such warm colors and textures to play with, Fall decor looks great in every home. Plus, it’s the season of one of our favorite holidays. As we’re sure some of you already know, Halloween is Owner Jenny’s favorite holiday to decorate for. All things spooky and scary are right up her alley. On All Hallow’s Eve, you’re sure to find some creepy vintage decorations, elaborate costumes, and hauntings galore at Jenny’s house. Below, you’ll find some festive Fall and frightening Halloween decorating tips and tricks!

Create a Scene
One of Owner Jenny’s favorite tips for Halloween decorating is to create a scene. Draw inspiration from one of your favorite festive movies. Whether that be Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion, or Practical Magic, think of different ways you can create a narrative. This year, Jenny created a skeleton dinner at her dining room table. With nice place settings, spider webs, and spooky details, the two skeletons look like they’re having a great night out!

Have Fun
Just like with any decorating, it’s important to make sure you have fun. Allow yourself some creative freedom to explore different holiday fun. For Jenny, finding amusement is in every part of the process. “It’s so outside of everything,” Jenny says. “It just makes me giggle.” Find your own little pockets of joy and just go with it. It’s all about creating your own Halloween decoration fun. Maybe you’re more a of a plaid pumpkin kind of person? That’s okay! As long as those plaid pumpkins are putting a smile on your face.

Think In, Out, Up, and Down with Colors and Textures
Play around with heights, textures, and layers. If you’re looking at doing your mantle, experiment with different height candles. Tricks like this will add more interest to the space, along with giving more of a cozy feel. Textures, such as leather, knits, fur, suede, and velvets, are perfect for Fall. Depending on how you mix and match, you can make your space feel just how you want. If you’re going for chic, use hints of knit and suede. If you like a bit of edge, leather is your best friend. If you like things extra spooky, try adding natural textures such as leaves and fur.

Mix and Match with Antiques
Not all Fall decor needs to be found in the decoration aisle. Antiques are perfect for decorating for the Fall season. Tarnished silverware and other goodies are great for adding a haunting flair. An antique bowl is perfect for displaying mini pumpkins or skulls. Plus, this is a great way to add some of your own personal touches and passed down gems.

Spider Webs for Spooky Fun
The most cost effective Halloween decoration is spider webs. You can find fake spider webs at nearly every store during the Fall. A $2 bag will give you tons of material to stretch across any corner of your home. It’s also great to use on areas like your mantle, the stairway railing, or on any light fixtures.

Find Things in Your Yard
Designer Ashley loves to find things in her backyard and incorporate them inside. Sticks, leaves, and straw can add great textures to Fall and Halloween decorations. Use these as pops of interest! If you’re looking at your mantle, sticks and pinecones look great mixed in with candles and skulls.

Remember, if you’ve got it, haunt it! Below, you’ll find some of our favorite Halloween decorations and Fall festive decor. Plus, we’ve included our spooky Halloween video!

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