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According to Merriam-Webster, small is defined as “having comparatively little size or slight dimensions” or “minor in influence, power, or rank.” While we don’t disagree on its first meaning, we’d like to argue the latter. Like many people, the dictionary forgets the power that the small holds. Within a home, people often hone in on the larger problem areas at hand, disregarding their small spaces. Let us be clear though: Small spaces should never be underestimated. 

Originally, a client approached Designer Wendy about a major kitchen remodel. In their collaborations, they decided to tackle a space that soon became a newfound mudroom. The step-down closet that wasn’t working for the family began to take a new shape. Now, this small space makes a grand gesture in welcoming visitors back. 

One of the stand-out points of the room includes a piece of art that had been passed down within the client’s family. While not only speaking to the aesthetic of the room, it was also close to the heart of the family’s story. By having the courage to ask a small space for impact, the client was answered with a more comprehensive picture and their #NothingOrdinary.

Oftentimes, people undervalue their small spaces because they don’t feel like they can make a big difference. In reality though, it’s the exact opposite. These spaces have the ability to speak– sometimes quietly or sometimes turning up the volume–which gives your home more personality and character. This is what can make a house truly feel like your personal sanctuary. Take a look at how this small space enhanced the kitchen.

Challenge yourself to think of your home as a painting, paying attention to the small spaces that play into the broader picture. Without these details, you may not be maximizing the true power your home holds. Just like with the client’s mudroom, the addition of this smaller focus made the biggest difference in the overall elevated home. Remind yourself of the value these fine points hold and acknowledge their role in your home’s specialness.

Isn’t life about the little things anyway?

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