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Up at 2am dreaming about the changes you want to make to your home? Feeling like you can’t wait until the morning? Your new best friend has just arrived. Meet the Karr Bick Virtual Showroom. Equipped with tools that aid you in your exploration, our virtual tour allows you design freedom to explore at any hour. Like any great tool belt, our virtual reality feature can be used in several different ways. Below is a list of some of the best ways you can utilize it.

Ways it can be used:

A New Way to Explore and Visualize

Let’s be honest; sometimes it’s hard to visualize. This new tool does all the hard work for you. By seeing direct examples of different spaces, you can gain a sense of “trying before you buy.” Experiment with seeing what materials grab you and what styles you like. No more visualizing frustration!

The Measurement Tool

With any piece of design, there comes measurement. How far apart should your counter and island be? What is too wide for an island? How high should your cabinets be? Our Virtual Showroom has the answer to all of your questions. At the bottom left hand corner, you will see a ruler icon. By clicking on the plus side that appears in the middle of the page, you can draw lines and figure out any measurement you desire. 

Idea Development

While showrooms are a means to display different products, they are also idea generators. A concept walks in the door, develops by seeing different pieces, and walks out more polished and perfected than before. Since showroom hours inhibit you from visiting at 2am, let your ideas develop virtually. 

Location Convenience

No matter where you are, what time of day it is, or what your busy schedule looks like, our virtual showroom will be ready for your visit. Through this 24/7 tool, we can help answer your questions whenever they pop up. This also saves your precious time, since managing busy schedules are a feat in everyone’s life. Along with our virtual tour, we have put together information regarding everything remodel related. Resources, such as our cabinet guide, can also help ease your mind of the constant stream of questions you may have. 

Our virtual tour is the insomniac’s dream.

Explore the tour yourself on our website and begin planning your dream space now.