Herringbone tile in bathroom

Tile is a design element that can completely transform a space. It can make a room look classic or modern, like a farmhouse, or city loft. But with thousands of tile choices, what is up and coming, and how do you choose? We work with dozens of clients, and the one thing that we want to be real about with them is that it is OK to take some risks.  There are lots of trends happening in design, but they are always changing.  Trust your designer.  They are there to push you outside of your comfort zone.  If you choose a talented and respected design team, like Karr Bick, you will be thrilled with the results. Now let’s get started.

While tile is one of the most impactful features in overall design, that’s not new.  But, it used to be that the tile choices were much simpler. The hard thing about tile is that once it’s there, you’re going to have to live with it for a while. Furthermore, no one wants to rip out an entire floor or wall, and more importantly spend a lot of extra money if they make the wrong choice, so do your research.

Tile Budget:

First, the boring. Let’s consider your budget. Tile can range from simple inexpensive subway tile, to marble that can cost thousands. Look at lots of photos, but think about what you have to spend.   There are so many beautiful patterned tiles and colors, but you don’t want something that is so unique that a buyer will shy away from a purchase when you go to sell your home. Taking a risk is one thing, but risks don’t mean going crazy.

Tile Placement:

Now, the practical. Another very important point to consider is where the tile is going to be placed. Maybe you’re choosing a floor in a high traffic area, or an area with water. This will impact what type of tile you can use to get the best wear on your floor.  In addition, you need to choose a product that keeps those walking on it safe. Similarly, for a backsplash we consider if the tile will be used in direct contact with water, steam, or food, as certain tiles are more porous, therefore harder to keep clean, and more likely will need to be replaced sooner.

Subway tile:

Time for the fun! Subway tile is timeless. It is, and has been, the most popular tile to use for decades and can cover a huge space. White is the most popular, and that trend is here to stay.  Besides being one of the most inexpensive types of tile to buy, it also comes in a huge variety of colors other than white.  But can we tell you how tired we are of straight white subway tile.  It is popular, but do you really want your space to look like everyone else? Why not change it up!  One popular trend that we want you to consider is taking your tile placement from horizontal to vertically stacked or installed in a herringbone pattern in the design.   If you’re set on subway tile, here are some examples of how you can use subway tile to really make an impact.  These are anything but boring.

Patterned Tile:

The next trend we  are sharing is patterned tile. We showed you how to change up your subway tile, but another choice that you have is patterned tile.  Patterned tile can range from mosaics to Moroccan, and from herringbone to chevron, and every pattern in between. Consequently, we are seeing puzzle tiles, tile that looks like hardwood, marble striped tile, penny round tile, monochromatic tile in bold patterns, basket weaves, and oversized tiles to name a few. We’re even seeing designers use small tiles to create words or initials in their clients flooring. It is a super creative way to take a bland space and give it interest. We are all about using beautiful patterned tile. Here are several  examples of patterned floor tiles and backsplashes and hope that this inspires you to step outside of your box. Come on, we know you can do it!


Brick, we LOVE brick.  There is nothing better than seeing old architecture filled with original brick walls.  Original brick is always beautiful and we will figure out a way to incorporate it into any design. But, if you don’t have original brick, adding brick to a floor or wall can make it look like it’s been there for years. Brick tiles are a great choice because they are durable, can be set in a multitude of patterns, and resist slipping, water, dirt, and scuffs. Whether your home is old, or a new build, consider brick as a design option.  In addition, if you do have original brick and are worried about damaging it, consider using glass. As a result, you can still see the beautiful brick, but you keep it protected. Here are some interesting ways to use brick, or brick tiles in your home. These are definitely nothing ordinary.

Solid Natural Stone:

Lastly, the final trend that we are going to mention is solid natural stone. In this case, we are speaking about the backsplash. By using solid natural stone, you create one seamless line.  Hence, the overall aesthetic is sleek and clean.  Be aware that this is going to cost more than stone tiles, and depending on the size or your space may require multiple slabs of stone. Nonetheless, solid natural stone is a great choice because you can find it in every color and pattern imaginable. From solid white marble to multi-colored granite, there is something for every taste and style. Here are some examples of how solid stone can be used to totally transform your design.


Hopefully this has given you a lot to think about. Take a risk, step outside of that box, and let us help you find the right tile. Tile trends are always changing and evolving, but hopefully by doing a little bit of research you will be able to find what is best for your home. Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath is here to guide you every step of the way. Give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to tackle your next project. We guarantee the results will be #nothingordinary.


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