White Dove Kitchen Paint

We get asked all the time about how to choose paint.  You would think that this wouldn’t be too tough, but with thousands of choices in every color, it is much harder than you think.  We decided that we would help by sharing our design team’s favorite shades.  Today we are sharing shades of white that we use in many Karr Bick projects.

White paint can range from bright white, to whites that read yellow or beige, to whites that read grey, with about a thousand variations in between.  But what are our favorites?  Here are some of our go-to shades that will be great in any project!.

The Karr Bick Team’s Favorite Whites:

Designer Jenny’s Paint Colors:

Designer Jenny has some great go-to colors, and a few that seemed to be on the list with all the designers were:

White Dove Benjamin Moore

Shoji White Sherwin Williams

Nebulous White Sherwin Williams

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a warm slightly off- white and a very popular, but truer shade of white.  Shoji White is a creamy off white, with a hint of beige. Nebulous white is a soft white with grey undertones.

Designer Wendy’s Paint Colors:

Designer Wendy also chose for you a few off-white shades that have a grey/beige undertone.  Here they are:

Alabaster Sherwin Williams

Drop Cloth Farrow and Ball

Matchstick Farrow and Ball

These shades are what we like to call greige, which is a beige and grey mix, but the matchstick has the look of unbleached wood, and is a great neutral.

Designer Janelle’s Paint Colors:

Designer Janelle helped us with a few other shades of white that are always beautiful in any space.  Here are some of her favorites:

Snowbound Sherwin Williams

Wevet Farrow and Ball

Both of Janelle’s choices are delicate white shades with just a hint of grey.

Bright White and Trim White Paint:

Here are a few shades that we love, one is a pure white, and one is slightly off-white. Both are great anywhere.

All White Farrow and Ball

West Highland White Sherwin Williams

All white is a brighter white and West Highland White is slightly off-white, but click the links to see these shades in a room.

We hope that this helps you choose your white paint a little bit easier. These colors are delicate and will brighten up any space! We are always here to help you with any design dilemma, so shoot us a message with any questions.  Our amazing design team is happy to assist!

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