Table Design

“My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go,” Oscar Wilde once stated about his fleapit of a Parisian hotel room. Nowadays, however, wallpaper isn’t limited to the drab floral print from your grandmother’s house. Regardless of if you prefer sleek and stylish, hip, or historic, wallpaper has the power to take a room to the next level. 

As Designer Wendy puts it, “wallpaper is the ultimate MVP in taking something to #NothingOrdinary status.” With the right balance, it has the potential to give a space the extra push it needs to create something truly magical. 

Whether you favor geometric, botanical, or something more abstract, your wallpaper choice allows a piece of your personality to be showcased. Not only is it taking the space up a notch, it includes a reflection of who you are. It has the power to enhance a happy and cheerful vibe, or a more pensive and relaxing feeling. By embellishing the overall mood of a space, wallpaper can easily become a star player. 

In Owner Jenny’s eyes, “Wallpaper is that thing that takes a project from good to great. It ties all the colors and textures together and makes them sing. I can have a pile of samples that look and feel really good and then throw a paper on the pile and it becomes so good that I get a stomach ache (that’s when I know it’s going to be breathtaking)!”

Though adding wallpaper to a space is strategic, there’s no one way to approach it. Much like jewelry, wallpaper can be used in several different ways, each telling a different story. Like your favorite bracelet, wallpaper can be a crowning touch in accessorizing your room. 

Let wallpaper take your room to #NothingOrdinary standing.

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