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What does it truly mean to “shop local?” We talk about this all the time and the phrase is tossed about often.  But in fact, shopping local is crucial for boosting local economy.  Shopping local keeps money within our community, and also helps fuel our region’s tax base. Now that does not sound very exciting.  But what is exciting, is going into a local shop where every single item seems to be perfectly curated just for you.  You can feel the love that has been poured into each product that your local shop owner has chosen.  They painstakingly design, organize, and adorn their shops with goods to inspire you when enter and stroll about, or scroll the pages of their website. We truly admire and appreciate the incredible wealth of local businesses here in the St. Louis region. We hope that you will take the time to go visit them when when possible, or head to their websites to see what they have to offer.

As a small business, we want to rally support for other local St. Louis businesses, like ourselves. Here are several of our favorites.

Designer Jenny’s Recommendation:

Not only do I love her curated collection of jewelry and accessories (it makes it so easy as busy person to shop), but her business was up and running only a few weeks when the shutdown came.  I greatly admire the tenacity has taken to keep moving in this time of crisis.  Think about it, most of us have a business and eventually we hit a bump, roadblock, disaster and have to find out the hard way what we are made of.  Jill started her business moments before such an event.  She learned how it feels to have a new company while simultaneously dealing with massive crisis.   Weaker people may have just given up, or paused, or put off, but Jill soldiered on.  I admire that in any business owner.  I just bought her which I think is a very creative way of marketing a product.  Every time I visit the site I find something else I want, just writing this today was dangerous for my pocket book!  Calihoo onward Jill! – Jenny

Designer Rebekah’s Choice:

My favorite store is City Sprouts in Ladue. They have a small boutique and I am always happy with the way it is curated. A perfect shop for baby gifts – and they wrap them so cute! – Rebekah 

Designer Wendy’s Go-to:

K.Hall Studio is one of my favorite local “Go-to” shops when I need a gift  (or even just a mental break from my day)! They have their nationally popular candle scent and soap lines that can match up with anyone’s personality or mood; that is always a draw to the shop. But, the reason I love to go there is all of the other interesting little “finds” that they carry! I love to browse through this beautifully merchandised shop for the perfect unique item (that I never knew I needed until I had to have it) from housewares, to jewelry/ clothing to adorable children’s gifts! Whether it’s a planter for succulents, a pocket flask for your man or the softest stuffed bunny for a newborn, some of my favorite things have come from K. Hall and I’d encourage everyone to treat themselves to the experience!  –Wendy

Designer Janelle’s Choice:

The White Rabbit. I love the variety! They have new, vintage and handmade items. I go there for home decor, furniture and baby gifts. They are constantly getting new items and changing their inventory. –Janelle

Designer Caroline’s Favorite:

Garden Heights Nursery. They have a great nursery, good potted plants, great indoor plants, fabulous pots and always fun seasonal décor. –Caroline