Are you drawn to the colorful interiors found in magazines but nervous to take that step in your own home? Well, for anyone who has taught you to follow a certain set of rules and guidelines for using color, disregard their instructions. Though a neutral color scheme might give you a sense of comfort and familiarity, if you love color, don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Neutrals: the safety blanket colors used in retail, rental, new construction, and most homes have become just how they’re described, neutral. Naturally, this color scheme is timeless, but maybe you’re ready for a new adventure? Something with a little more zest.

Let’s not forget, the advantages of adding color to your space are abundant too. Color has the power to add interest and visual depth to a room. It also can affect your mood by lifting your spirits or calming you down. Psychology even has a whole field dedicated to color! Experts are beginning to ask the question of how a lack of color can negatively affect one’s well-being. 

None of this is to say that a neutral color palette should be banned from your home. If thoughtfully paired with sleek components, such as a marble countertop and gold accent features, a room can become elevated and polished.

While it’s easier to experiment with the “color of the season” in your wardrobe, dressing your home will undeniably require a longer commitment. This doesn’t have to be scary though! It is possible to tastefully add color to a space– without regret. Our Designers understand how to make bold color decisions to add a visual interest to a room. 

Though sometimes thought to only belong on the walls, avoid limiting color its full freedom. In her design, Designer Rebekah was challenged to meet the needs of the client’s more modern preferences and update the layout to accommodate two columns. The end result made for a brave and blue kitchen.

In order to help guide you on your color journey, we have paired with some of our favorite vendors to bring you an exclusive package. By taking advantage of this promotion, you can bring your magazine dream to your space at an exclusive price. To learn more, check out the package informational page.

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