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Sometimes, we can see our clients going against the grain. Their natural intuition begins to whisper as the opinions around them get louder. They no longer feel like they have the power to make their own decisions. The more voices they listen to the more they stray away from their inner compass. Doing this will only guarantee a painful experience and leave you paralysed with fear.

As American author Robert. M. Drake famously said, “Don’t think. It complicates things. Just feel. If it feels like home, follow that path.” These aren’t only words that the Karr Bick team cherishes, but they’re also a good reminder for when you’re on your design journey. Below are some of our favorite tips to help you leave your remodel feeling empowered and defend your happiness.

Trust Your Instinct
We all naturally have an inner voice that speaks from our truest self. For your design process, this may come out in the early stages of finding inspiration. Don’t question what you add to your idea book on Houzz or pin on Pinterest. Maybe you’ll find that each image looks similar or has a certain element in common. Regardless of what you may find, make sure to realize that your driving is the driving force in this.

You don’t always have to know why you like something, rather just that it catches your eye. Just the act of being drawn to something is proof that your intuition is in action. At the end of the day, your opinion is the only one that matters. Silence the outside voices, and turn up the volume of your gut. Remember, you matter most!

Don’t Be a Flat Squirrel
If a squirrel can’t decide what side of the road to run for, it ends up flat. Being indecisive makes your journey confusing, complicated, and causes unnecessary pain. To combat this, make a list of the big and little decisions you’ll be encountering. When you stumble on these choices, especially the little ones, pick an option and move on. Nobody likes bumping into a flat squirrel.

Unleash Your Superpower
Your superpower is released when you trust your gut and never turn into a flat squirrel. With this combination, you’re virtually unstoppable. On your design journey, use these tools and the help of a designer. Let’s not limit this to your home’s design though. Applying these principles to each part of your life will free the superhero in you.

We want to help make your remodel experience as seamless as possible. Ultimately, you are the one who matters most. If you want more guidance, take a look at our design freebies, where you can also sign up for our Create Nothing Ordinary Video Series.

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