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At Karr Bick, we always tell our clients that they’re in for a #NothingOrdinary experience. What do we mean when we say this? Naturally, we want to help create a space that speaks to your soul. Not only will the end result be easy on the eyes, it will also reflect a piece of who you are and become a personal sanctuary. At the end of the day, if it isn’t speaking to who you are as a person, it may not feel like your complete refuge.

We don’t just want your journey to end with just a #NothingOrdinary space. The experience is just as important to us. Through our fine tuned process, we are confident in promising our clients that their design adventure will be outstanding. Listed below is a snapshot of some tangible things to prove this.

Our Designers

The Karr Bick team is composed of nothing but the best. Our designers are professional and award winning. With numerous magazine features, winning rooms in At Home’s Architect & Designer Awards, and even a magazine cover from At Home St. Louis, our team has truly showcased their talent in designing customer-inspired spaces.

Regardless of how many awards our team has won, we design for the sole purpose of a client’s happiness. So “be you” and together, we’ll help you take your dream and make it into a space inspired by you. And… perhaps it will win an award, but that’s not the point!

The Karr Bick Process

Though each project has an individual result, the process is all the same. Each journey begins with conversations focused on what you need from the space and how you want it to make you feel. Some of the tools you’ll be provided with along the way include drawings, powerpoint visuals, and a construction binder. All of these serve the purpose of assuring a smooth design and install.

Each of these steps in your remodel story create a more fluid experience for you. To keep things running smoothly, we work side by side with your contractor or our own in house team. Not only does this save time and money in the long run, it also helps the construction and install process. Less confusion, less fuss, and fewer cooks in the kitchen all help your remodel fears melt away.

Our Resources

When you come to Karr Bick, we want you to have the option to do as little or much research as you want. To ensure this, we’ve dedicated a whole part of our website to your own knowledge. Our remodel resources are filled with endless information to help put your mind at ease. Through providing videos on our YouTube channel, our blog, design freebies, each project’s visual powerpoint, and our informative video series, we’ve made it easy for any type of learner to access information.

We’ve also had the great honor of merging with City Light Design and Build, which has made it possible for Karr Bick to be the ultimate one stop shop. While this may not seem like a big deal to everyone, it allows each project to have seamless communication between the designers and builders. For you, this means a much smoother process along the way.

To help get your ideas flowing, check out our portfolio and our virtual showroom.

To get to know the Karr Bick family better, watch our YouTube videos!