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The Meeting:

It’s a relationship that began almost 20 years ago. A girl starts a new design job, is the low woman on the totem pole, and gets assigned a job that no one else wants. She is eager, she is talented, but she is somewhat clueless. In comes the contractor on said job and the journey begins.

From the minute that they meet, they hit it off. He is kind to her, he is patient, and he sees that she has great instinct. They work on their first project and it goes really well.

Not all first jobs go that way as we all know, but this one did.

The Man:

Randy had been working in construction since he was a young boy with his grandfather. He comes for a long line of seasoned and skilled craftsman who taught him what he knows. He is meticulous, he insists on quality in the work his company completes, his reputation as a business owner is unparalleled.

The Girl:

Jenny also learned from a father who was a master carpenter, and he taught her to work hard for what she wants and to not take no for an answer. Her mother is a seasoned artist, so I am sure that her creativity was not only inherited, but also fostered at home.  And I’ll say again, she is wickedly talented. Her ability to create and design beautiful spaces is down right remarkable.

The Relationship:

For the next twenty years two friends, and company owners, take on countless projects together and create amazing homes for their clients. It is an equal match in quality, creativity, commitment to their clients, and to their employees, many of which have been with their perspective bosses for almost twenty years.

The Next Step:

Randy was starting to think about retirement. How would he leave his beloved company, make sure his employees were taken care of, and ensure that the reputation of what he has built goes unscathed?

Jenny, and her husband and partner Todd, were not looking to buy a company, but as they all began to talk it seemed like a natural fit. It was a way to take their company into the next phase, but also continue to maintain a relationship with another company that they truly loved. Hence, the epic merger was formed.

Why Should You Care?

What does this mean to their customers? Why should you care? Because it means full house renovations, new construction, room additions, more kitchen, bath, and wherever spaces, seamless collaboration, and a true design and build company.  By choosing Karr Bick for your next project you are getting two historic design and construction leaders, that are now one powerhouse company, and some really fine humans working for you. Some of their highlighted projects, other than historic homes, are the show My Houzz with actress Jenna Fisher, and many episodes of Real-Life Renovations.

The Epic Merger:

In late 2019 they decided in Randy’s words, to “put a ring on it.” Together they will be creating more nothing ordinary spaces. And that my friends, is priceless.

Congratulations City Lights Design and Build, and Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath. That is one hell of a talented team you’ve got there.

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