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We have another paint collection for you! In the past, we’ve shared our designer’s favorite whites, neutrals, and blues. This time, the designers pulled together their favorite greens… and boy are they incredible! Known to bring a sense of renewal, peace, and growth, green is perfect for every space. Below, you’ll find some of our designer’s amazing greens.

Designer Wendy’s Color Choices:

When asked about her favorite greens, Designer Wendy immediately said, “Green tones are my favorite!!” Her picks are perfect to bring an earthy touch to any room. If used for cabinetry, Wendy suggests going with something that has a greyed out tone.

Ben Moore- Soothing Green
Farrow & Ball- Vert de Terre
Sherwin Willams- Foxhall Green

Designer Janelle’s Favorite Greens

Designer Janelle’s green picks are truly #NothingOrdinary. Each bringing their own richness to spaces. Benjamin Moore’s “Dakota Shadow” is lovely to use on furniture, cabinets, or walls. Sherwin Williams “Roycroft Bottle Green” speaks of luxury. If you’re looking for the perfect sage green, Farrow & Ball’s “Calke Green” is the pick for you.

Farrow & Ball- Calke Green
Benjamin Moore- Dakota Shadow
Sherwin Williams- Roycroft Bottle Green

Designer Deb’s Picks:

When it comes to Designer Deb’s favorites, there’s a perfect choice for each use of the color. Benjamin Moore’s “Kelly Green” is bright and great for furniture pieces or big impact spaces. Sherwin Williams “Secret Garden” is a dreamy deep forest green that brings peace to any room. Lastly, Sherwin Williams “Softened Green” has a grey undertone, which makes it perfect for walls.

Benjamin Moore- Kelly Green
Sherwin Williams- Secret Garden
Sherwin Williams- Softened Green

Designer Ashley’s Green Choices:

If you’re looking for a more daring and bold approach to green, Designer Ashley’s selections are for you. Much like Sherwin Williams “Roycroft Bottle Green”, their “Isle of Pines” will help give you a similar feel but a tad brighter. Benjamin Williams “Seaweed” is a great color to help illuminate every space. Her last choice, Sherwin Williams “Clary Sage”, is a calm sage for the walls.

Sherwin Williams- Isle of Pines
Benjamin Williams- Seaweed
Sherwin Williams- Clary Sage

Favorite’s Across the Board

One of the all-time favorite greens among the designers is Farrow & Ball’s “Green Smoke”. With hints of blue, it makes any space feel moody and lovely. Second and third to this is Farrow & Ball’s “Studio Green” and Sherwin Williams “Restful”. With these greens in your toolkit, you have only the best choices.

Farrow & Ball- Green Smoke
Farrow & Ball- Studio Green
Sherwin Williams- Restful

These options go from delicate and delightful to bold and daring. With such a great array of greens, you’ve got the recipe for a jaw dropping room. If you feel like you need more help, the Karr Bick team is more than happy to assist! Learn more about the ways we can help here.

For more information about how to begin your color journey, check out our portfolio and virtual showroom.

Check out this video of one of your favorite green spaces!