A fireplace adorned with Christmas decorations including stockings, foliage, and lights.

Sometimes decorating for the holidays can seem like a daunting task. It can make the most wonderful time of the year more like a chore. Or maybe you couldn’t be anymore like Cindy Lou Who and hanging the ornaments come naturally to you? Whether you’ve already started decking the halls or don’t know where to start, these tips are perfect to help on your decorating journey.

Our Easy Holiday Tips

The Old & New
If you’ve read our Halloween or Thanksgiving decorating blogs, you know that we’re a huge fan of mixing and matching the old with the new. Not only does it bring a sense of effortless simplicity to a space, it can also be super cost effective. By using pieces, such as some old silver platters, in your decorations, you’re saving yourself some time and money. Some of our favorite things to incorporate include vintage candle holders, aged silver, and antique ornaments.

Bring On the Greens
With a season filled with holly, mistletoe, and various trees, it’s the perfect time to use festive greenery in your home. For the front door, a wreath is always the classic way to go. If you want to go with a specific color palette or make your door stand out, incorporating ribbon into your wreath will do the trick. Bring greenery into your home as a layering element. It’s the perfect thing to add mantles, table settings, coffee tables, and entryway.

Adding ribbon to your decorations is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get festive. With prices being around just $8, it’s super easy to switch out the ribbon you use year-to-year. Layer different types of ribbon on your tree and add them to wreaths for a traditional take on the holiday. Our pattern of choice changes each season, but velvet, buffalo check, and menswear plaid will always be on the top of our list.

A Simple DIY
When it comes to decorating, we like to keep things as effortless as possible. A classic and painless way to decorate is with Owner Jenny’s DIY. All you’ll need is some sort of platter (some old silver is preferred), a bit of greenery, and a few ornaments. First, spread some greeny out on the platter. Jenny’s advice is to mix three different types of greenery together for playful textures. Next, place some ornaments and candles throughout. Just like that, you have a wonderfully festive decoration! Remember, it’s all about having fun. For more details, watch the video attached below.

Make Use of Your Lanterns
Lanterns, which could easily be considered the most underrated and versatile accessories for a home, are perfect for the holiday season. If used with candles, lanterns make any space feel intimate and cozy. Owner Jenny likes to put her vignettes in the lanterns. It helps add creative details but is still easy to do.

However you plan to decorate this season, remember to enjoy the process and the memories you’re making along the way. Some of our favorite holiday memories involve hanging up the ornaments, getting out the stockings, and celebrating our labor by watching Christmas movies with the fireplace lit. At the end of the day, isn’t life all about these little moments anyway?