Watercolored jungle and animal scenes are a great way to complete the look of a child's bedroom along with a small bookshelf for toys and clothes.

As you read in our last blog, we’ve had the honor to welcome designer Ashley Willman Obradovits to our team! Her story, which you can hear more about on our YouTube channel, is truly #NothingOrdinary. One of her proudest design moments was the completion of her daughter’s nursery.

After moving into their Cape Cod style house, Ashley and her husband found out they were going to welcome their first child. The second floor had been an attic space, but after finding out she was expecting a girl, Ashley wanted nothing more than to start designing. “I couldn’t wait,” she said. When seeking for inspiration, Ashley had fallen in love with Michelle Morin’s watercolor. She knew she wanted it to be her starting place and her guide throughout the design process. “Not only was it perfect for the nursery, it was also the perfect thing for her to grow into.”

Much like her mother, Sonja Willman, Ashley has a deep love for mixing the old with the new. Within this space, she knew she wanted to include precious family heirlooms that were dear to her heart. The nightstand came from the home she grew up in. There’s a bunny needlepoint piece, which was made by her mother for her first birthday. The round mirror near the changing table, which also wasn’t new, was etched by her husband’s grandfather. With so many special details, the room tells the perfect story.

To pair with such unique pieces, Ashley picked a Restoration Hardware crib that enhances the sense of weathered, old, and “full of stories” feeling that she wanted in the room. Naturally, the nursery has become their favorite room in their house. In this space, Ashley truly captured her family’s #NothingOrdinary story. This nursery is straight out of our dreams!

Pieces inspired by this space that we love:

Meet the woman behind this beautiful space below: