Now that Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With such a crazy year, there’s nothing more that we want to do then celebrate with our loved ones close by. However this holiday season looks for you, it’s important to remember what you’re thankful for, taking time to yourself, and enjoying good company, food, and drinks. To help you savor this year’s Thanksgiving, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks.

Decorating Tips
Rustic Roots

When you think of the Fall, you can’t help but think of pumpkins, golden leaves, and a hearty harvest. With such beautiful symbols of the season, it’s only natural to bring them into your decor. Throughout your home, find moments for these rustic details. Mix in mini white pumpkins on your table or mantle. Bundles of wheat are always fun to add as centerpieces or scattered on bookshelves.

Warm Lighting and Fresh Greenery
Adding hints of freshness and low lighting make any space feel intimate and cozy. One of our all time favorite things to add to a table is fresh greenery. Some of our top choices are Leyland Cedar, Italian Ruscus, and Eucalyptus. You can add these to floral arrangements or layer on top of a table runner.

To pair with this, make sure to add candles. Whether it’s a candlestick, tea light, or a container candle, they will create a more personal space. To make an even more dynamic table setting, mix and match different candle heights.

Play with Different Textures
As we mentioned in our Halloween decorating blog, playing with textures can elevate any room’s ambiance. Textures, such as leather, knits, fur, suede, and velvets, are perfect for Fall. Depending on how you mix and match, you can make your space feel just how you want. If you’re going for chic, use hints of knit and suede. If you like a bit of edge, leather is your best friend. To add a special splash of character, try adding natural textures such as wheat bundles and fur.

Make Use of Your Mantle
A well decorated mantle takes any room to the next level. One of the keys to succeeding in this is to make it easy for your eyes to wander. Play with different object heights, textures, and layers. Remember, the best design happens when you consider the “in, out, up, and down” of the space.

Incorporate Vintage Family Heirlooms
Our favorite holiday moments revolve around family memories. What better way to honor these moments and history then by incorporating family heirlooms into your decorating. Maybe this means adding antique silver to the dining table, using a quilt as a throw, or displaying some precious art? However this looks for you, weave in your family’s historic details into your holiday decor.

Kraft Paper Tablecloth for the Kids
For Thanksgiving this year, Designer Ashley has crafted the perfect solution for a creative kids table. To make sure that the children stay busy without destroying everything in sight, make a tablecloth out of kraft paper. Not only is this something that can be colored on for entertainment, but it also calls for some of the easiest cleanup ever!

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