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There’s nothing more special then mixing the old and the new. It creates a story that feels rich in history and meant to be. For some, this means finding a place for family heirlooms that are near and dear to their heart. Or maybe it’s the treasure found after searching through the local antique mall. Trying to find the right balance in the mixture of the old and new can feel like a challenge. We’re here to make it easy for you. Follow the tips and tricks below, and you’ll be good as gold.

Antique furniture is known for its charm, character, and uniqueness. If your old chest is too weathered for your taste, update it with a new coat of paint. You could even play around with a fresh pop of color. If the piece is perfectly weathered, use your new pieces as accessories. Or maybe you have an old armchair? To freshen up the piece, use a fresh new fabric. In the space above, the coffee table is a truck that was original to the cottage and even has handwritten notes on it. Mixed with the new Chesterfield style sofa, there’s an effortless flow.

When it comes to your space’s accessories, it’s key to think of using things in a new way. Use a vintage ice bucket as a planter. A vintage shot shell box is fun stacked on top of books. For many, it’s easiest to use new accessories. They’re easier to acquire and probably most of what you already have. If this sounds like you, use these newer pieces to accessorize your larger old pieces. An old coffee table or dresser looks fabulous with modern touches. As long as you have a good combination of the old and new, your space will transform into your own #NothingOrdinary.

Wall Art
Wall art can be one of the easiest ways to bring the old and new together. There are tons of great ways to achieve a more collected look on your gallery wall. For starters, it’s not always about the pieces themselves. Keep in mind that old frames can add a special touch. These can help create clean lines and are easy to mix with new ones. Of course, you always have the option to use vintage artwork too. Maybe you have a shadow box from when you were a child? Pieces like these feel curated and build up the space’s personality.


Another way to add in the old is through your lighting choices. An old chandelier or vintage lamp goes perfect in any space. To update your lamp, just opt for a new lamp shade. If your space is more modern, add an unique vintage chandelier. Remember, creating a #NothingOrdinary room is all in the details. In this mudroom, the antique lighting adds the perfect historic touch.

If you’ve read any of our decorating blogs, you know that the perfect tabletop incorporates things from different time periods. There are countless ways to make this mix successful. Use vintage linens with new glassware, or vice versa. An arrangement of fresh flowers could be your centerpiece paired with vintage candlesticks, dishes, and new placements.

Karr Bick Curated
We’ve always had a deep love for antiques, thrifted pieces, and treasures. So much so that Owner Jenny and Designer Deb went on a “junk” hunt road trip from St. Louis to Branson, Missouri. To share this love with you, we’ve curated our own collection of treasured goods. Shop our carefully collected treasures within our showroom or on Instagram via @karrbick_curated.