close up of floral and antique decor with gold accents

An unknown source once said, “Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can really be”. With the tulips popping up to say hello, the trees coming back to life, and the warm weather returning from its vacation, we couldn’t agree with this quote more. While it’s also the season from spring cleaning, we’d much rather focus on the decorating.

If you’re looking to refresh your space, look no further. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or entryway, these tips and tricks will brighten up any space in your house.

Bring on the Color
After months of bearing the cold, nothing sounds better than bringing pops of color into your home. Something about it feels so effortless and energizing. Though forest green, burgundy, and navy will always have a spot in our hearts, the spring means a new palette of colors. Bring on the pastels! Add pops of color wherever you can, and your space will start to blossom just like the spring flowers.

Let’s See Some Texture
Though added texture should be consistent year round, it’s extra fun to use in the spring season. Natural wood and woven textures can be used in countless ways and takes minimal effort. Both of these are easiest to add through accessories. Add texture and a pop of color by placing fresh lemons and limes in a wooden decorative bowl. Woven textures can be added as placemats, pillows, table runners, and so much more. Linen is also a great fabric for the warmer months.

Playful Patterns
Spring is the perfect time for whimsical patterns. Playful patterns are easiest to add as accessories to a space. Whether that be by using throw pillows, rugs, or artwork, pretty patterns will help bring any space back to life. The wonderful thing about patterns is that they can transform the mood of a room. Geometric patterns can feel sleek and sophisticated. Florals feel light and bright. Narrow down how you want to feel in the space, and use that to guide you when deciding on a pattern.

Pay Homage to Mother Nature
Nothing’s better than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Whether given to you or bought yourself, they always feel special. Bring in all the floral and greenery you can. Use flowers as centerpieces, accent pieces on the mantle, or as a touch of color.

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