Black kitchen with white ceilings and walls with silver handles and accents and a wooden cutting board next to the sink.

While we will forever love a light and bright space, there’s something about a moody room that will always have a special spot in our hearts. Darker hues have the capability to create an atmosphere like no other. It may seem safer to stick with neutrals, but make sure to give darker hues a chance. Hopefully, the debunked myths and tips below give you the confidence you need to explore darker hues in your own spaces.

Dip Your Toes In The Water
There are endless ways to incorporate darker hues into your home. Maybe you want to go all out? Maybe not though? If dipping your toes in the water sounds more your style, then experiment with finding a balance between the light and dark that works for you. In this space, a dark wall was paired with a lighter patterned wallpaper. Though it can feel like this is a delicate balance, you truly have a lot of freedom. Allow yourself to explore all the possibilities, and find the harmony between dark and light that works best for you.

Set an Atmosphere
One of the major benefits of using darker hues in a space is the effortless mood they set. Upon entering, you can instantly feel the intimate, dramatic, and luxurious sense that the room creates. It’s all very James Bond… and we love it! If you’re trying to bring out these sensations in your space, going even just a few shades darker can do just the trick. This dark and cozy bar project was the homeowner’s vision of the perfect space to unwind. Doesn’t it make you want to sit down and order a dry martini? Shaken, not stirred of course.

Use It In Unexpected Ways
Don’t limit the use of darker hues to just your paint color. Adding moodiness to your space can be achieved several different ways. Dark hardwood flooring, cabinetry, or countertop are also great ways to increase the use of darker shades. On a smaller level, the lighting, accent pieces, and fixtures can accomplish the same effect. In this Ralph Lauren inspired space, darker elements are seen throughout in a seamless way.

Experiment in Small Spaces
In regards to darker colors, the most common thing we hear is that the client thinks their space is too small. Well, it’s officially time to throw that advice out the window! When done properly, darker hues in smaller spaces can look like #NothingOrdinary. Keep in mind that smaller rooms are the easiest places to take risks. Go bold or go home, right? Powder rooms, home bars, offices, and mudrooms are the perfect spaces to achieve the moodiness that these colors bring.

It’s Not Just a Trend
At Karr Bick, we understand that good design is centered around longevity. No one wants to put money into a space that will be outdated next season. While there may be trends that come in and out, we know that #NothingOrdinary designs are built to last. Though we understand this concern in relation to darker hues, we stand by the belief that the use of these colors is classic, timeless, and capable of making any space look fantastic. Spaces, like the one above, will never go out of style.

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Check out this video on one of our favorite dark and moody spaces!