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We all have that one room in the house that is smaller than the rest. Maybe it’s a bedroom, formal living room, or home office. If you’re trying to trick your visitors into thinking the space is larger than it really is, or even just combating your own feeling of being cramped, there are tons of design tricks that can do exactly what you’re looking for. Follow the tips below, and you’ll be left with a space that feels more spacious and airy.

Incorporate Mirrors

This one probably comes to no surprise. By bringing in reflective surfaces, you’re not only making the space seem brighter, but also giving the illusion that there’s more room than reality. With natural light bouncing off the mirror, different areas of the room are lit. This, in turn, makes it feel more spacious.

Photo Courtesy of Marie Flanigan Interiors

Photo Courtesy of Marie Flanigan Interiors

Use Taller Window Treatments

To emphasize the height of your space, add some length to your window treatment. This can be done a couple of different ways, but drapes tend to be the easiest. Install the curtain rod further up on the wall, and it’ll make your walls seem taller. Here’s a great example of this done by Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Bring on the Lighter Tones

While we will always love a dark and moody space, lighter hues are easier for light to bounce off of. Much like mirrors or other reflective surfaces, this makes the room brighter and seem larger. Neutrals do a great job of this, but you can also use color, such as pastels.

Legged Furniture is Your Friend

If you’re looking to make your space feel bigger but don’t want to compromise on furniture, your best bet is to utilize furniture with legs. This will make more of the floor visible and make the space appear lighter. Keep this in mind when shopping for nightstands, coffee tables, chairs, and couches.

It’s All About the Scaling

When you walk into a room and a chair or the couch is unproportionally large, then you automatically assume the space is smaller than it really is. Even if it’s only one piece that is larger, it can throw the whole room off. One of the easiest ways to visually see this in action is to tape out a piece of furniture on the floor. Whenever you’re buying something online, the vendor will provide specific dimensions. Write these down, grab your tape, and tape out the width and depth of the piece on the ground. This will allow you to truly see the size of the item in your space.

Clear Out the Clutter

No one likes a cluttered space, so it’s time to clear that clutter out! By making your space more organized, you’re not only eliminating the stress it can cause, but you’re also freeing up the counter, table, and/or floor space. You’ll be left with more surface area and a lighter feeling room.

Utilize Glass or Acrylic 

Due to the transparent nature of glass and acrylic, it’s one of the best materials to help expand your space. If you use a transparent coffee table rather than any other material, your eyes are able to travel around the whole space without being stopped by other opaque tables. Glass and acrylic blends beautifully and are the perfect chameleons.

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