laundry room remodel light cabinets

When it comes to home renovations one of the biggest trends is over-the-top laundry rooms.

What’s fueling the trend:

Houzz and Pinterest have really opened up a portal to the fairy world of laundry rooms where the sky’s the limit and you can see spaces in which almost every bell and whistle has been explored. Once you’re exposed, you have to have it. The ideas and images get stuck in your mind and you start to think how wonderful such a mundane task could become.

Popular styles:

Sometimes elegant, other times whimsical or beachy, and oftentimes very efficient – a place where everything has a place and typically the entire space is very well thought out. You can explore your personality a bit more in this room becuase typically it’s just one family member running the show, unlike a kitchen or bath where you have to compromise.

Bells and whistles:

Fold-out ironing boards, special cubbies for laundry baskets, drying rack hideaways, pull-down dry cleaning rods, wrapping paper drawers, craft storage, hidden laundry units, folding stations, pull-out trash, specialty sinks, sewing centers, big screen TVs, dog food storage, the list goes on and on.

We’ve done laundry rooms with glass tile, marble counter tops, and crystal chandeliers! If you love an expensive back splash tile, the good news is in a laundry room you probably won’t need that much of it. If you make it beautiful, you can make the argument you will go in there more…the laundry will get done, and you won’t be as grumpy about doing it! The other argument I will help you make to a significant other who is helping foot the bill is: The more beautiful it is, the more likely you will be about to keep everything spotless because you love to look at it! Take it from me- my laundry room has never looked so good! Pay attention to the details: knobs, tile, cabinets, paint and accessories. Invest in a good lock on the door too! It doesn’t have to just be laundry – it can be your sanctuary.