xyzThis project was about summer living with a dad and his 2 sons in a cottage snuggled up next the woods. The original structure built in c.1898 consisted of one main room and a porch built on nothing more than an old tent platform. We had to make it functional and easy to live in. The most significant enhancement was the redo and opening up of the kitchen to the original one room cottage.

The story of this cottage is truly special. It’s tucked away in a valley that is home to a community of people who have grown up with each other generationally. The valley has no lack of love and is where you can find Owner Jenny’s thinking road.

Since the community is rooted in a rich history, the homeowner wanted to stay true to the valley’s spirit, and also make it a functional space that fit the family’s personality. The historic cottage had one main room and a porch, and was built on the original tent platform. With uneven floors, rotting boards, and water damaged walls, there was quite a bit of rehab work to do. To see more before pictures, head over to our before & after portfolio.

To make the space feel more open and airy, Jenny opened up the kitchen into what was once the main room. This allows for optimal gathering space for the father and sons. To make the space really come alive, pieces of the old and new are found throughout. The trunk, which is being used as a coffee table, is original to the cottage and even has handwritten notes on it. The wicker set that came with the house was spray painted a rich blue to help bring a pop of color to the porch. Everything about this cottage speaks to the eclectic, warm, and curated sense of the family and community.

As a family with a true love for baseball, and specifically the Chicago Cubs, tributes to the family’s passion are used subtly within the home. In the bathroom, a catcher mask is used as wall decor. It’s become a talking point and makes it feel even more like home. For more pictures of the completed cottage, take a peek at our portfolio.

The fall after its completion, a massive tree fell on the cottage causing a lot of damage. After putting the cottage back together, it faced a new opponent: a flooding creek. The community banded together to create a barrier, which protected the cottage from the disastrous effects of murky water. Then, a leaking sink was discovered… Though its faced more obstacles than most, the family’s love for the cottage has only grown. It’s a part of the family’s story and home to many memories to come.

Pieces Inspired by the Creek Getaway: