When the valley is in flow, the sun gently shakes hands with the lush greens and rocky surface of the bluffs. During this time, all the Earth’s natural hues are vibrant. The crickets are always active with their daily song, the blue of the sky contrasts gracefully against the freshly cut grass used for frisbee games, and the pool water provides a crisp release from the sun’s warm hug.

When the valley is in ebb, the lighthouse breaks through the darkness to welcome the community home. The cricket’s song still rings true but with greater volume. The warm cottage lights provide sanctuary to rest from the flow of the day, and the crackle of a bonfire can be heard only if passers listen closely.

Like everything, the valley constantly experiences these ebbs and flows. Each day, month, season, and year undergo this process. While each cycle brings its own form of evolution, there are a few things the valley will always be home to: love, memories of sweet summertime bliss, family, and harmonizing crickets.

Within this valley, there is a road where Owner Jenny does her best thinking. It carries the same comforting feeling that the valley homes, but has even less traffic and a softer volume. When she stumbles upon a mental roadblock, she seeks this road for refuge. The rest of the world falls silent, and her mind has space to think. Jenny has even coined the term “Her Thinking Road” to honor her special place. It’s important to have sanctuaries like this where there’s enough space for your thoughts and ideas to surface.

For Kitchen and Bath Assistant Melissa, she has found that her best ideas present themselves in the shower. She’s even placed a whiteboard in her bathroom for when her ideas begin to flood her. Regardless of where your inspiration feels most free flowing, keep that place in your back pocket. When a mental roadblock shows up, give your inspiration the time and space to breath. In the end, you’ll find that the block will be lifted with a stream of ideas just wanting to be acted on.

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