Simple Laundry and Mudroom

There’s almost nothing as satisfying as an amazing transformation. Whether the Before features awkward cabinetry, poor lighting, lack of storage, or all of the above, the After is always pleasing to the eye. Naturally, all spaces have their own unique story. We’ve been lucky enough to help families finetune their story and create a space that shares their happily ever after. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite transformation stories.

Before its stunning transformation, this kitchen felt awkwardly cut off and dated. Even with optimal natural light, the room still felt gloomy. With wallpaper featuring ivy vines, dark wood cabinetry, and countertop splitting the space in half, this space wasn’t making the homeowners happy. That is, of course, until it underwent its own facelift. Now when you enter the kitchen, you’re happily welcomed by a polished and sophisticated space.

When your laundry room is dark and stuffy, laundry is a chore. Once it underwent its transformation, doing laundry in this space became a peaceful activity. With beige walls and tiled floor, the room just felt blah. After its remodel, the space had a charming cottage feel. Natural lighting and light cabinetry brightened the room up, while also bringing a fresh breath of crisp air. Now, this laundry and mudroom are #NothingOrdinary.

Originally, this space was split into two. On one side, you’d find a mirrored wall coupled with a bathtub that jetted out into the open. The other side had dark vanities that faced each other. To take full advantage of all the space, the transformation called for a readjustment of the amenities. By rearranging the bathroom, every square inch was used to its fullest capacity. The beautiful blue and marble brings a sophisticated look.

The orange walls, painted furniture, and smaller sized appliances no longer fit the growing girl that used the space. The mirrored wall makes the unique ceiling space feel meant to be rather than invading. It’s light and bright, but also has a clear contrast with the black tiled shower. This transformation created a picture perfect space for any teen.

These transformations speak for themselves. Just in case you aren’t fully convinced, here is what one of our clients had to say… “That looks like a designer’s home, but it’s mine!” If you’re ready to see your own spaces transformation, start planning now and meet our fabulous designers!

For more before & after stories, watch our series on YouTube!