A Kitchen in Gunmetal

May 16, 2019 by Jenny Rausch in Kitchen
A Kitchen in Gunmetal

Before its stunning transformation, this kitchen felt awkwardly cut off and dated. Even with optimal natural light, the room still felt gloomy. With wallpaper featuring ivy vines, dark wood cabinetry, and countertop splitting the space in half, this space wasn’t making the homeowners happy. That is, of course, until it underwent its own facelift. Now when you enter the kitchen, you’re happily welcomed by a polished and sophisticated space. Charcoal colored cabinets and the light aluminum tile backsplash create an elegant pairing. The island, which not only serves as more counter space but also as a table, allows for more gatherings to take place. Above the island, you can find polished chandeliers dancing above your head. This lighting choice adds warmth to the room, while also keeping to the aesthetic. In the end, this kitchen has not only provided functionality and storage, it has become a space that no one wants to leave.

Brilliantly designed by Jenny.

Check out the before and after pictures here.

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