When asked to collaborate on a new project, the designers at Karr Bick help to create a space that the homeowners feel reflects and represents them. With this particular family, it was clear on how they wanted to space to look and feel. Polished, refreshing, down-to-earth, and easygoing were just a couple of words used to describe how the space was meant to feel.

To achieve the polished effect, brass fixtures, seen in the knobs, lighting, and the faucet, make the space feel sophisticated. The glossy white tiling that wraps around the kitchen also adds to this effect. The down-to-earth and easygoing feeling was accomplished through a natural color scheme, which allows the family to add pops of color as they desire. The wood cabinetry helps connect the space to the nature seen through the big windows. The backsplash, seen above the range and the cottage sink, adds a bit of blue and a dynamic pattern to the space. The white in the cabinetry, the marble countertop, and range create a simplicity that has a refreshing effect. With plenty of preparation and gathering space, this family has the perfect space to make lasting memories.

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