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close up of large stone walkway
close up of copper colored backsplash

a space for entertaining & family

Though serving a purpose when originally built, a local family didn’t feel the once carriage house served them fully. With a large family and a passion for entertaining, the clients wanted to reconstruct the space into a pool house. The challenge was to meet all of their needs while also staying true to the functionality of the space. With spaces to eat, gather, and enjoy, the family’s interpretation of a pool house became #NothingOrdinary. The retractable doors and bar window open up the space completely to the backyard. The beautiful blue cabinetry not only brightens up the kitchenette, but it also reflects the hues found in the pool. Black paneling helps the space feel more defined and adds an element of contrast. Both the bathroom and changing room have patterned tile to create a consistent flow. Unlike the changing room, the bathroom features a white penny tiled wall along with a beautiful cottage sink. With all of these details, the pool house transformed into something extremely special.

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