Holly the photo dog

One of our favorite parts of the design process is when we complete a project and get to overrun our client’s house to take professional photos. Professional photos you say? How amazing.  It sounds so glamorous, but, not so much.

Photos shoots are NOT glamorous. They are necessary, and they are a ton of work, but they are anything but glamorous. This is typically how they go down.

They take about 15 boxes of staging supplies, many bundles of fresh flowers, with 100 different vases because you never know what you’re going to need!

The Photo Shoot Stuff

You need a great photographer and we are so lucky to have one.  You need an amazing videographer, a meticulous director, the designer on the project, the social media guru following everyone, and most importantly, a really patient homeowner!

The Photo Shoot Space

We remove all of the owner’s décor, and add our own. Sometimes when clients walk in I think they panic a bit at the enormous mess that we have created.  But I promise, we leave it all exactly as we found it right down to the last flower petal picked up off the floor.

The Photo Shoot Lighting

We turn lights on and off a thousand times, often shooting completely in the dark to reduce glare and reflections. Our photographer is a lighting magician and can make a crazy dark space look like there are a dozen spotlights.

We clean mirrors, floors, countertops, and shower doors. We fold towels and lay area rugs. We squat like sumo wrestlers to balance photos on the walls, and lay on the floor to get out of shots. Insert hysterical laughter.  Here are some shots of the magic happening.

The Photo Shoot Magic

We play with all of the pets and work around pets who decide to bathe themselves in the middle of the floor. This has caused countless hysterical bouts of laughter.  Your pets are seriously funny.

The Photo Shoot Pets

And  the best part, we meet really lovely humans, humans that have a story to tell us. They share how we have made their house into a home, and how we have improved the functionality of their space.  They tell us about their families and what the project has meant to them. This is the good stuff!

It is a grind, but the best grind ever because we laugh until our cheeks hurt, and we get to be with each other. And believe it or not, we really like each other.

So again, photo shoots are NOT glamorous, but we make the best of it and in the end we love these crazy times together so much! Cheers to dozens more still to come, team! We’ll make it!

So if you’re looking for an amazing company that will keep it real, look no further than Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath!! We can’t wait to work with you and create a #nothingordinary space for you!