As American poet William Carlos Williams puts it, “In summertime, the song sings itself.” The crickets harmonize in their greeting of the night. The sizzling of a barbecue underwraps. The gentle crash of water splashing in the pool. To some, the sounds of summer are the sweetest of the year. For a local family, this was one of the reasons to look at using an existing space in a new way.

Now completed, the once carriage house has transformed into a #NothingOrdinary space. In collaboration with Designer Wendy, the family has created a space that fits their entertainment and summer needs. Little details, such as an outdoor shower, beautiful blue cabinets, and an impromptu bar, make the space the ultimate game changer.

With retractable doors, the entire pool house can open up to the lovely view the pool provides. Not only is this perfect for entertainment needs, it also optimizes the space to its full potential. Parents are able to enjoy the living room, while also keeping an eye on their kids enjoying the pool. One of the main highlights of this room is the arched cottage windows. Not only are they ringing true of the original purpose of the structure, it provides another angle for natural light to enter.

The kitchenette, which features a retractable window that opens up to an outside bar, is perfect for unity around food. Enhanced with a built in wine cooler and fridge, stone countertop, and a brass colored cottage sink, the space is welcoming to all visitors. This room is ideal for gathering friends and family.

Lastly, this space also has a changing room and bathroom. The changing room has a beautiful tiled floor, which adds to the depth of the small space. Not only does it come with the necessities, such as a bench and hooks for hanging wet swimsuits and goggles, it is also home to the swimsuit spin dryer. On the other side of the hallway, the bathroom mirrors the same tiled floor. Rather than the dark wood walls found in the changing room, the bathroom is complemented with a white penny tiled wall and double sink.

This family’s interpretation of a pool house is nothing short of dreamy. Find more information on the space within our portfolio and check out our YouTube channel to watch the full renovation story.

Check out the 3D tour of this space and shop similar styling items!

Towels for shoot were provided by Gin & Kin.