Kitchen Creative Contrast

October 10, 2019 by Jenny Rausch in Kitchen
Kitchen Creative Contrast

Before the remodel, this kitchen was best described as awkward. With a piano shaped island, the space felt inconvenient. The home owners were never happy with it, so when the built-in fridge was on the last legs of its life, they decided it was time for change. Not only were they envisioning a new kitchen, but they were also looking to upgrade the laundry room, pantry area, and office. Since all of it was meant to fit in the existing space, many drawings were done. The end result, as you can see, turned out to be more than beautiful. Now, everything fits perfectly together. The built-in appliances create a seamless flow between other kitchen elements. The most enchanting door makes the adjoining office space fit right in. Lastly, the matte black hardware pulls in other aspects of the space which helps create depth in contrast.

Creative contrast designed by Janelle.

Head over to our YouTube channel to see the full remodel video.

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