farm sink kitchen remodel

Demo day is a distant memory, big items are in place and construction on your space is almost complete.  Don’t trip before you cross the finish line.  Final touches are the details that will take your project to the next level.

By now you know that the knobs and pulls are the jewelry of your space, but what about the towel bars, hooks and toilet paper holder?  These items can add that extra heft, glamour or whimsy.

Your windows can be the killer view when you contrast light casing with a darker grid. It will actually draw your eye to the outside instead of stopping you at the mullions.



Another unlikely scene-stealer….your plumbing.  Dress up an open base sink vanity or a free-standing bathtub with sparkling chrome pipes made to be seen.  Not to be outdone, a crystal adorned drain stopper becomes its own water cooler conversation piece in your wet bar.

Narrow countertops in smaller areas can be maximized by anchoring the faucets to the wall rather than the tops.  A space-saving move that solves a problem while adding interest.  Continue to function in style by choosing a shelving niche above your kitchen sink to house display items out of the way but not hidden away.

Add more understated character to cabinets with a radiator cover screen.

And just when you turn to leave, your work here is done, check out that cased opening you’re about to walk through and consider the possibilities.  Wine storage perhaps?

One thing’s for sure.  With us by your side, it will be nothing ordinary.