bathroom remodel light tile shower

Floor Tile:

After you make the decision on tile versus wood – you might do wood in the kitchen because it’s warmer, easier to stand on and often ties into the open floor plan that includes a great room – you start to think about use, wear and visual impact.

1. Natural stone:

The pattern is natural and is typically pretty varied.  It can hide dirt very easily because no 2 pieces looks the same.  It can be softer than a man made material but if installed correctly shouldn’t effect the integrity of the floor.
The color of natural stone also works really well with other natural materials such as granite or marble tops.  Mother Earth tends to make a really good color palette.

2. Man made:

  1. Ceramic is typically less expensive and has the color on the surface only.
  2. Porcelain is fired harder and hotter making it stronger (large tiles work much better in Porcelain).  It also is a thru body color material, that negates the need for bull-nose pieces and allows a cleaner installation.

What do you see as a current trend with floor tile in regards to shape and color?
We are seeing lots of shapes, patterns and mix of material in floors, walls and splashes. People want a unique look and the options are endless.  Herringbone and chevron patterns are very hot right now.

Backsplash Tile

What do you install the most?
We still do a tremendous amount of subway tile.  Handmade and irregular in color, the subway tile is clean and the colors available are endless.

How do you decide how simple/eccentric a backsplash should be? Do you aim to make it a focal point or blend into the cabinetry?
Typically I let the client decide.  You can tell pretty quickly if someone is into big and bold focal points or simple elegant use of color and design.  I like doing it all so it makes no difference to me.

Shower Tile

Are certain kinds of tile not recommended for use in the shower?
Typically not metal tile because it can rust, and some natural materials actually have metallic minerals in them that can also rust. That being said, there are metal tile lines that are water rated, you just have to be selective.

There seem to be opportunities for creativity on shower walls, what is your favorite style?
Well that’s a loaded question, can I say it depends on my mood that day?  I just really love putting beautiful texture and color together, it can be done many different ways.


Are there standards for how far apart tile should be laid? Anything trending with that?
It depends mainly on the edge of the tile, the straighter or more square the edge the closer it can be laid.  The more irregular the father apart they need to be.

How important is the color of grout you choose?
Listen up, GROUT WILL CHANGE THE LOOK OF YOUR TILE!  It’s hard to envision so pick a designer you trust and roll with it.