What do you get when you combine stunning textures and fabulously rich colors? You get the most “nothing ordinary” bathroom design ever.

Our clients were looking to update their primary bathroom but wanted to stay true to the age and style of their home, so we got to work choosing updated finishes, but ones that will stand the test of time.

The combination of the rich walnut cabinetry adds warmth and a sense of traditional elegance, while classic green tile brings a refreshing pop of color. The black and white floor, known for its timeless appeal, grounds the space with a touch of sophistication. And the whimsical wallpaper is the perfect element to infuse personality and a touch of playfulness into the design.

By combining these elements, we achieved not only a visually striking space but also ensured that it will remain relevant and stylish for years to come. This primary bathroom balances classic charm with contemporary updates—a space that truly stands out from the rest!

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