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We’ve all been there. You find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. You have great space, but maybe it needs just a little bit of TLC. You long for an updated kitchen or bathroom to do all of your entertaining, but where do you start? I remember the task of updating the kitchen in our first home. Our children were little and the thought of ripping apart our space was terrifying. In fact, when we began, our youngest, who was potty training, completely reverted to old behavior. It wasn’t pretty! I washed dishes in my bathtub, I cooked in a crock pot or on the grill, and the dust alone was enough to send me completely over the edge. But in the end, it was totally worth it. We got the most incredible chef’s kitchen and we also got back every single penny that we put into it when we sold our home, and then some.

Here are a few things to think about. According to The Department of Transportation the average amount of time we spend in our cars is less than an hour each day. We are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car (the national average being thirty-four thousand dollars) that depreciates in value the second we drive it off the lot. However, when it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, a room that we use for more than two hours per day, for some reason we want to get a Mercedes on a Kia budget. Updating your Kitchen or bath is the best investment you can make in your home and the money you spend will be recouped when you sell.

The reality of getting an entire kitchen or bath remodel for ten to fifteen thousand dollars is a myth perpetuated by HGTV. We all love Joanna and Chip. They create beautiful spaces on very tight budgets, but the hard truth, none of the decorating elements that we see in those spaces is actually included other than the bare bones. To get a space that is going to give you the best return, means using high quality products. When you choose high quality products and finishes, you are sure to recover your money in resale.

Remodel Budget: Five things to consider in your planning!

The Karr Bick team will guide you through the remodeling process with a goal to exceed your expectations.  Instead of hiring an architect, engineer, designer, project manager, contractor, and then buying your materials separately, you can get everything in one place.  And then you get our entire team of craftsmen, designers, project managers, and office staff working on your behalf to make sure your project is a success. This team has been created to take your project from inspiration to installation, guiding you every step of the way, and that dear friends, is priceless.

Labor & Installation:

Labor is a huge part of the remodeling process; therefore, a significant portion of the overall budget should be allotted for labor.  A good “rule of thumb” is to expect 35-60% of your total project cost to be allocated toward installation. Speak to your Karr Bick professional and discuss the overall labor costs. The starting price you should expect is approximately twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars and goes up from there. If you choose to remove walls or utilities, that will add extra cost as well. This must be considered before choosing all of the actual design elements that complete the remodel.

Renovation Choices – Products and Finishes:

Is this an update for a home you plan to sell or is this for your forever home? This may influence how you spend your money. The choices are many, and maybe even a bit overwhelming, but your Karr Bick design team has over sixty years of combined experience to accompany you through this process. You can unreservedly trust that they will present you with beautiful and budget-friendly options. Not only are they knowledgeable about products, their creativity and stunning designs have graced the pages of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Magazine, Cottages and Bungalows Magazine as well as countless local publications.


Do you go with boutique or standard appliances? Boutique appliances are incredible, but Wolf, Subzero, or any boutique upgrade will add a significant cost. This can be in the ballpark of twenty to thirty thousand dollars for a complete package. Although that figure seems high, with high quality comes high return and functionality, but it is something to understand when choosing.

Countertops and Tile:

Do you choose natural stone or laminate? What Kind of backsplash tile do you want? The difference in countertop cost can range from two hundred to two thousand dollars for laminate, and three thousand to twenty thousand dollars for high-end stone or quartz. The range of tile prices is also quite vast and can cost anywhere from five dollars to three hundred dollars a square foot, so choose wisely.


Cabinets are going to be another significant portion of your budget. Thinking in terms of a fifty to sixty-thousand-dollar project, cabinets will most likely cost in the neighborhood of twelve to fifteen thousand dollars, for a lower to mid-line product. But also know that if you add pull-outs, inserts, or extras, the price point will go up. Karr Bick works with countless local custom cabinet makers and providers, and your designer will help you make a choice that gives you an amazing room, but also gives you the most bang for your buck.

Want to learn more check out our cabinet pricing guide:

In the end, choose a team that you trust, and with which you’ll have a positive experience. This is real life, not TV. Although there are countless options and ways to go, few companies are like us. Not many have the experience and know-how to make your remodeling process not only successful but give you award-winning design within your budget.

The reality of what goes into a renovation can be scary, but not as scary as choosing the wrong team to execute your vision. Be realistic about your budget, choose your team, products, and finishes wisely, and remember to breathe. Your remodel will ultimately come to an end and you will be left with the most beautiful space you’ve ever dreamed of, and you will have made a great investment.

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