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Hello, friends! We’re back with another addition of “Friday Favorites.” We get asked all of the time about how and where to buy the best bar and counter stools, so today we are tackling the subject. When we are working on a design project, the bar stools are what complete the look. They are the shining beacon added to the island that says, “alas the project is complete!” What a sigh of relief when we get to this point, and I think that our clients would agree wholeheartedly. So, where do you begin?  There is such a vast assortment of stools out there that it’s hard to know what to do. Here are some great tips and tricks for choosing the perfect seats for your space.

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The standard height of most kitchen islands is thirty-six inches high. When choosing your stool, you will want to go with a seat that is 24-27 inches high. This is a counter-height stool. Going with anything higher is going to be uncomfortable and look awkward in your space.  If you are choosing a seat for an island that is higher, such as a standard pub height at forty-two inches, then you will want to choose a seat that is 28-33 inches high and is an actual bar stool. Height is definitely important in making sure your family and guests are comfortable in your new space.

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When deciding how many stools you will need, consider the entire length of your island. A good practice is to measure the full length and then keep about 10-12 inches of space between each seat. If your island is eight feet long, then you can comfortably fit 4 to 5 stools. If you go too much closer, then you are going to be cramped. It’s no fun to hit elbows with your neighbor.


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Is your island a lingering place for family and friends? Is it the entertaining hub of your home? If so, then comfort is a high priority. For maximum comfort you definitely will want to go with a stool that has a backrest. You want your guests to feel relaxed and have plenty of back support so they can thoroughly enjoy themselves. However, if you choose a stool that swivels, be careful as they can crash into your island and potentially chip your countertop, especially the kiddos.

If your island is a spot for quick morning coffee, or breakfast before rushing the kids out the door, then a backless stool is a great option. Another great thing about backless stools is if you have a smaller room, they can be tucked under the counter and they won’t get in your way. With either choice, there are great options, and at many price points.

Bar stool 4 QUALITY IS KEY:

With such a large assortment of styles and shapes, you will want to make sure that you are choosing something that is of good quality. Your bar stools are being used frequently, so skimping on quality is a mistake. It is better to spend just a little bit more money for something that has quality construction, or you may end up having to replace what you’ve purchased in a short period of time. Also don’t be afraid to read the reviews. This saved me from buying a set of pricey stools that looked amazing, but shed wicker all over the floor as told by all those that had purchased them. Whew! Glad I took the time to do a little bit of research.

We sure hope that these tips will help you to pick the perfect stool for your space. Now you’re ready to enjoy that beautiful new Karr Bick Kitchen or bar in comfort! As always, please let us know it you have any questions.   Here are several links to some amazing stools recommended by our Karr Bick design team.  Now go get shopping!! bar stool 5


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