If you’re considering redesigning your home but nervous to make the first step, you’re not alone. Unlike a new car, your home’s design is a longer commitment that you can’t necessarily test drive … up until now. At Karr Bick, we acknowledge that this first step can be the hardest. We want you to feel confident in your home’s design and your own personal preferences. 

When you’re booking your next vacation, consider skipping out on the generic and bland hotel chains. Instead, take a shot on somewhere more boutique. While not only providing more enjoyable surroundings, you’re also getting first hand experience with some design elements that you may consider adding to your own home. 

Take this opportunity to sample elements of a space. Whether that be wallpaper, colored cabinets, patterned tile, or color combos. You’ll get the chance to live in it yourself, which will give you more confidence making those decisions within your own home. 

While visiting Nashville, Kitchen and Bath Design Assistant Melissa explored her design preferences further by staying at a local B&B. Buffalo Soul, a contemporary bed & breakfast designed to fit all musical needs. It soon became Melissa’s design compass. During her stay, she got to experiment with design elements first hand before adding them for her own home.

Maybe you’ll find you enjoy brick accent walls. Maybe not. Regardless of your design conclusions, you’ll have gotten even more experience out of your vacation. Along with a more polished idea of what you want. Let your next trip also be about investigating design! Who knows, you may start designing while you’re there!

Our favorites for a long weekend getaway:

Nashville, Tennessee

Washington, D.C

Catskills, New York

Chicago, Illinois 

Lincoln, Nebraska

Our international favorites:

Florence, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal 

Byron Bay, Australia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Queenstown, New Zealand

Let your test drive begin!