close up of a pantry remodel with lots of shelving and storage space

If you’re desperate to make a change to your home but want it done here and now, look no further. We understand that sometimes you just need a quick fix to help bring your space back to life. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite easy and quick projects that could even be done over a weekend.

Update a Piece of Furniture
Restoring a piece of furniture can be done in countless ways. Old furniture can be painted or stained. Maybe you want to get updated hardware or new legs? It could also be something as simple as deep cleaning it. This wicker set came with the home but needed a change. For a pop of color, it was spray painted a rich blue. Now, it’s a treasured piece of furniture that feels meant to be with the space.

Organize Your Pantry
Nothing feels better than a completely organized space. Purging all the excess items that are cluttering your pantry is a great way to feel refreshed. This could be as easy as sorting through what’s there, or you go buy some baskets to add more eye interest. Baskets are an easy fix that will also help with the longevity of your organization.

Update Your Outdoor Setting
With the warmer weather approaching, it’s only natural to spend more time outside. That being said, there’s nothing better than a beautiful outdoor setting. For some, this may mean replacing the patio furniture. For others, it might be spending a weekend working on the landscaping. Whatever you decide, your end result will spruce up the exterior of your home.

Switch Out Your Hardware
Though hardware may not seem like a big deal, it can make a huge difference. If you’ve got old cabinets that have darker hardware, it’s amazing how much brighter your space can feel with lighter hardware. Of course, this could go the other way for a dark and moody feel. This trick can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else in your house!

Go Antiquing
If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love mixing the old and the new. Doing this can create a story that feels rich in history and meant to be. Plus, it’s always fun to hunt for antique gems! In the picture above, the truck, which is being used as a coffee table, is actually original to the home. It even has handwritten notes on it! By using this as a coffee table, it helps bring character and historic charm to the space.