White and Brass Bathroom

September 28, 2018 by Jenny Rausch in Bathroom
White and Brass Bathroom

This house is beautifully nestled in the Kirkwood Historic District like a New England Homestead. However, prior to the remodel this bathroom looked like an outdated 1980’s dark hole. Yet the homeowner herself exudes beauty, happiness and joy – which was the opposite vibe of her old bathroom. She wanted her new space to be light, bright and cheerful, yet simple and classic; not overly adorned with design accoutrements that can quickly outdate themselves. She desired an oasis where she looked forward to taking her baths and putting on her makeup in the mornings. The outcome achieved these desires and more. She now adores her bathroom. Her canines also enjoy the space as they spend lots of time ‘helping’ her out while she gets ready for the day. Thankfully the quartz countertops can withstand the dogs’ friendly attention as they are durable to the wear and tear but also maintain the beauty of stone. The brushed brass fixtures and champagne gold hardware perfectly accent the champagne glass mosaic tile which are one of her favorite glistening parts. The robin’s egg blue walls mimic the sky on a perfectly sunny day while the crisp white beadboard wood trim partially hugs the walls surrounding the entire space. The built-in cabinetry accented with wainscot wood paneling and custom mirrors make the space feel high end and ‘meant-to-be’ while balanced with timeless simplicity. It truly is a charming space, perfecting reflecting the unique charm of the homeowner herself and the beautiful home she resides in.


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