Some houses are so special that they bring a tear to your eye when you walk into them. You feel an instant fear and sense of pride the moment you realize that remodel of this home is held in your hands. The weight of that responsibility is enormous. Will I do it justice? How did ever I deserve to get to work on this? Then, you make it through the project and see the end result of all of the hours of pondering layouts and material selections and your heart swells with pride. That’s what happened with the kitchen remodel of this World’s Fair-era home on Portland Place.

The Main Kitchen is in a grand space. This kitchen was meant to serve as the kitchen for guests to be entertained in. It had to be grand. It had to be elegant. It had to shine. Walls were removed to open the kitchen to a casual living space just off the French doors to an elegant and inviting back yard. The cabinetry in the main space is tight and functional; the stone hood serves as the focal point and is flanked by windows that allows you to enjoy views of the spectacular back yard scenery. The walnut island found its details influenced by an old vanity original to the house. Stain glass windows from the front of the home inspired glass doors and ignite character in the upper cabinetry. The homeowner has a collection of old Copper pots that were displayed on a custom made metal rack. An old hutch from the butler’s pantry in The Biltmore with sliding glass doors inspired another side cabinet that shows off antique tea sets collected over time.

This home is generous and deserving. The people that live in this house exude kindness and generosity. I feel like I was given so much from the opportunity to work with them on this home. I can only hope that I also gave to this house the same amount that I was given!


2019 - Traditional Kitchen: Greater than 300 square feet

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