When walking into the foyer of this beautiful home the first thing that you notice is the spectacular use of color and pattern. Just because a home is small, doesn’t mean that it can’t be impactful. This project is filled with the homeowner’s collections that she lovingly acquired from her late mother, who was a brilliant designer and a pioneer for women in the industry. The design style combines new pieces, as well as cherished heirlooms. The most important thing to remember is that a house is meant to be lived in and that is exactly what was achieved. Although filled with stunning details, the fabrics are performance fabrics so that the two little girls that live there can be themselves. The wallpapers selected can be wiped clean. Each color and detail was carefully curated to bring the homeowner’s personality and love into the entire home. It was designed to bring a sense of nostalgia to all who enter, and the end result is a home that feels warm, inviting and truly special. That’s what we want for every client that we work with.

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